Toronto, ON

Digital Media Assistant

Assist with digital content creation, social media management, marketing strategy and business administration for a beauty-themed web publication.

Position Type : Full-time contract, 40 hours per week.

Duration : 6 months with option for renewal

Field(s) : Digital Media, Social Media, Cosmetics/Beauty


Beautezine is an award-winning, independent website dedicated to creating high-quality digital content including product reviews, shopping guides, tutorials and more. This unique position will give the right candidate the opportunity to work alongside an experienced digital media entrepreneur and develop a broad set of in-demand skills, including copywriting, photography & videography, product styling, photo/video editing, graphic design, digital publishing, SEO, basic coding skills (HTML, CSS & PHP), content brainstorming, strategy development, asset organization, branded content creation and business management.

The candidate will gain practical knowledge of cosmetics as they are immersed in the beauty industry through research, education and product testing.

There is a potential opportunity gain further experience within the media industry through attending press events, one-on-one desksides with brand representatives, interviewing experts and communicating with PR, marketing and advertising agencies.

The ideal candidate will have a general knowledge and interest in both digital media and the beauty industry and be reliable, flexible and resourceful. This position will require candidates to develop and contribute a variety of new skills to produce digital content and assist where needed to maintain daily business operations.

Responsibilities Include (but are not limited to):

  • Organize and file product samples, press releases and maintain an organized beauty product closet.
  • Schedule and maintain an organized calendar for events, meetings, photoshoots, reminders and other important commitments.
  • Create, publish, monitor and analyze content on a variety of social media platforms (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest).
  • Engage with readers across all platforms including web, social media interactions and email.
  • Write copy, fact check, format and publish stories.
  • Format and publish other content features on Beautezine.
  • Brainstorm and pitch content, stories and strategies for editorial calendar, social media calendar and branded content collaborations.
  • Assist in photoshoots, post-production and visual asset creation for stories and social media.
  • Prepare performance reports for branded content campaigns.
  • Assist in product testing as needed.
  • Communicate with PR representatives to submit coverage, develop engaging content stories and request photography samples as needed.
  • Attend industry events, desksides and interview experts as needed.

Requirements & Assets:

  • MUST have a general knowledge and interest in digital media and social media platforms.
  • MUST have a general knowledge and interest in the beauty industry, including products, trends and brands.
  • MUST be detailed-oriented, organized and professional with a strong work ethic.
  • MUST own a computer (preferably a Mac) with access to internet and a smartphone.
  • MUST be comfortable with iOS, Mac OS, Apple iWork programs (Pages, Numbers, Keynote), iCloud and Slack.
  • Experience with photography/videography equipment is an asset.
  • Experience with photo/video editing and management programs is an asset (we use Adobe Creative Suite, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Final Cut Pro and CaptureOne).
  • Experience with basic coding skills (HTML, CSS, PHP) is an asset.
  • Experience with digital marketing strategy, business management and sponsorship proposals is an asset.

Notes :

  • Due to the nature of the industry, there may be times the candidate will be asked to perform tasks outside of standard 9-to-5 work hours, such as attending an event, posting to social media, meeting important deadlines, etc. These situations will be discussed on a case-by-case basis, however it is important to note this is an inevitable aspect of the industry and candidates should view this as a realistic expectation of working in digital media.
  • Some of the responsibilities will allow for the candidate to work remotely as long as deadlines are met and quality is being maintained.


If you are interested, please submit the following along with your resume:

  • A cover letter including 1-2 short paragraphs to describe your personal history with cosmetics and/or the beauty industry as well as your experience, interests and goals in regards to working in digital media.
  • Examples of digital content, photography, writing and other work samples which represent your skills and experience.
  • Social media handles (or screenshots of feeds if accounts are private).

Job Types: Full-time, Contract

Job Location:

  • Toronto, ON

Required language:

  • English

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Posted: Feb 20, 2018
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