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NEW! - Administrative Posting Fee:

We have implemented a new "Administrative Ad Fee" of $25 for each Ad you require MJSC to post for you.  We have totally re-designed our website, using "Responsive Technology" which has allowed us to make our site more "User Friendly".  We encourage you to take advantage of this new technology and better control your Account and the Job Ads you post.

Featured Job Ads / Banner Ad and Sponsorship Advertising on MJSC:

Featured Job Posting Ads: $200.00 + HST

A "Featured Ad" appears on a blue background and remains at the top of the Main Job Category you post it under. Even as other Standard Ads get posted, it will remain there for the full posting period. The Cost is an extra $50 on top of the Standard Posting fee of $150 + HST/GST. This type of Ad can also be posted for up to 60 days, just like a "Standard" Ad.


Banner Ad and Sponsorship Advertising:

Looking to promote your Business or Service? We invite you to Advertise it here on MJSC.  You won't find a better targeted website than Media Job Search  Our primary focus is helping Canadians search for Media related jobs across Canada. If these are the type of people you are trying to target, then Media Job Search is the truly Canadian website you've been looking for. We have made it possible for Canadians to search for media related positions by the job opportunities posted on our website, the thousands of links to Canadian Media Company websites, and the easiest On-Line Resume Posting services on the net. 

Media Job Search Canada Inc. (MJSC) is now accepting Banner Advertising on its website that will fit any Advertising Campaign, be it Marketing, Television, Radio, Print, Multimedia, IT, E-Commerce, Performing Arts or any other Business or Services that may benefit our visitors. 

Our Banner Fees are $30 per CPM ( $30 per 1,000 Impressions )

Our website gets an average of 1.5 Million Page Views, 91,807 Unique Visitors per month and an adverage of 508,357 Visitors per month.



(the information you need to give to your graphics people)

Leader Board Banner Ad:  (horizontal - Top of website - All Pages ) 728 x 90 pixels
Skyscraper Banner Ad:  (vertical - Right-side of website - All Pages) 160 x 600 pixels
File Size: No more than 40kb
Format:  Animated .gif, .tiff .jpeg or .eps. + Flash


If you are interested in posting a Banner Ad on our website, please contact us at:

Phone: 416-651-5111