Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. Rest assured that all information collected through our visitor tracking program, the personal information provided on posted resumes and the username and password information through our client login information remains with Media Job Search Canada Inc., and is never shared with any third party sources.

When you visit our website our visitor tracking program monitors:

  1. Number of visits 
  2. How long you stayed
  3. Pages visited

This is done by the signature or IP address assigned to you by your internet connection provider. At no time does this program have access to your name, address and phone number or any other personal information that may be used against you by a malicious third party.

You are in control of all the information you provide when you post a resume on our website. Although our on-line resume form requires certain information, we suggest that if you are worried about personal security that you only supply the necessary information you feel is required to attract the attention of employers, especially when providing a reliable contact source.

When a resume is posted on our website, only those people who have signed up with a username (e-mail address) and password can view the resumes. We monitor the activity of this service and if we feel that any account is being abused we contact the user to confirm that they are the person using the access codes, especially if their usage is unusually high. Access accounts that are being used maliciously will be cancelled.

All personal information on resumes posted on Media Job Search Canada's websites including: / / is protected by the Government of Canada's Internet Privacy Act:

MJSC does not share or distribute any of this personal information to outside companies.


If you have any questions on this statement, please contact us for more information


Livia Pravato-Fuchs

Owner & President
Media Job Search Canada Inc.